Oh, I need you to know, today, I’ll wait for you always.

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Cover Art for ‘When I Find You, I’ll Find Me.’

AU, in which the Dark Curse wasn’t enacted by The Evil Queen. Twenty-four years ago, The Huntsman gave up his heart so that Snow White may have kept hers. Forever frozen in youth, he pays a grave price, and is broken, bruised and scarred from the years of abuse at the hands of The Evil Queen. Princess Emma has grown up in a lap of luxury, wanting for nothing. The future Queen, she wishes nothing more than to live her life without her parents constant worry looming over her. Their paths will cross in a tale of betrayal and loss, love and friendship and good and evil.

Now posted on fanfiction.net and AO3.

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Can I just be allowed to believe that now Emma is back in FairyTale Land that she can find Graham again?!?!?!


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